Yoga Basics Workshop: Tadasana

Vocal Workshop
Yoga Basics Tadasana
SAT. | 16 NOVEMBER | 2pm

Are you new to yoga and would like to improve your knowledge and understanding, or would you like to further explore the foundations, of a good yoga practice? Then the Yoga Basics workshops are for you.
We will highlight one of the many pillars of yoga and elaborate on why it’s an important part of the practice. Come strengthen your knowledge, your practice and yourself.

Yoga Beginner

This time on the Yoga Basics Workshop we will explore the foundation of all poses: Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Tadasana originates from the Sanskrit words tada, which means mountain, and asana, which means pose. It is a ‘not so simple’ standing posture, which forms the basis for all the standing asanas in a yoga practice.

In this workshop you will understand why Tadasana is considered to be the foundation of all of the standing postures and how to connect more with this posture, your neutral spine (her beautiful natural curves), your pelvic floor and how you can apply this alignment to other standing poses.
We will go through the different aspects of the energetic levels required of Tadasana,  both resting and active. Serge will offer tips and tricks to lengthen and align the spine, to improve your posture and to make Tadasana yours, a sanctuary, a sacred place for your future practices.

This workshop presents a great opportunity, to both experienced students and those completely new to yoga, to find out alignment principles and creating new possibilities for you in your practice.
We will do an introduction to Tadasana and will go through four key standing postures during 1 hour, then a little break of 10/15min followed by a Hatha practice of 75min.Let's find the magic in Tadasana together and make your practice stronger from within.

Serge Yoga

Serge Garnier

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. This Japanese saying summarizes Serge’s philosophy of life and his approach to yoga. After 15 years of very diverse professional experiences (working in banking and the jewellery industry for instance) and 12 years of varied yoga practice all around the world (Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin…), Serge decided to start teaching yoga and sharing the many lessons learned on the winding road of life. He has dedicated himself to yoga getting many certifications and studying with renowned teachers along the way. His personal teaching style is fun, accessible for everyone and has his special French touch.

The workshop will last about two and a half hours and there will be tea and snacks with Serge at the end to answer any more questions that you may have or just to get to know each other a bit better. It will cost €30 and space is limited so please sign in below.

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