Yoga Seniors

Yoga Seniors

A slower-paced class with emphasis on finding peace and restoration in mind and body. Everyone is welcome! This class is particularly suitable for adults who want to proactively manage the challenges of ageing, protect themselves from injury, and feel more relaxed and confident. Each class will have a theme, and students will be provided with education on how to assess their progress, self manage their fitness and seek further help. A safe class with clear instructions so you can relax and enjoy your yoga. Yoga therapy in a class setting.

Yoga Seniors Amsterdam

Isabelle Yoga Amsterdam


Isabelle discovered yoga while working in the tough world of corporate law. What began as an escape from the fast-pace of London life soon became a daily discipline and then a career in its own right. After training at the Byron Yoga Centre in Australia, she taught in studios in Byron Bay and Melbourne, before moving back to her home city - Amsterdam. Her background in science and love of knowledge are reflected in her classes, which incorporate beneficial alignment, active breath and mindfulness. The focus is always on students getting the full benefits of a pose rather than making it through the poses as quickly as possible. Her passion is to make yoga, and meditation, accessible and enjoyable!

Yoga 50+ on WED @ 17:15, Aalsmeerweg

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