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Candelight Vinyasa and Dance in the Dark.

Have you ever wished for an opportunity to dance, minus the judgment, alcohol, awkward-dance-circles, kumbayas, zumba in a gym, or intense crazy lights, but with all the added fun of tracks you dance to in your bedroom or while cleaning the house?

Join us once a month on Friday night for an end of the week relax and reset. We will being with 45 minutes of Candlelight Vinyasa followed by a 45 minute dimly-lit dance party for the love of dancing. It puts the joy back into grooving by keeping the lights down and taking the focus off the performance. You can feel the energy of the people around you, but you can barely make out their moves, let alone notice your own. It's a safe, no-drug and no-alcohol event where participants dance independently. Everyone's welcome to attend and you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Shake off the week and start the weekend right.

Mary Sobiechowski

Mary has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. She moved to Amsterdam after living in New York City as a technologist, artist and single mother of two. She attributes her yoga practice to her sustained energy, flexibility, and fearless spirit. With a love of active sports and road warrior travel, she relied on yoga for stamina, balance, and restoration. Her classes integrate the physical alignment of vinyasa flow with Hatha / Iyengar based asana and a spirit of playfulness. Her goal is to have students step off the mat refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Once a month, on Friday at 20:00, Aalsmeerweg

Next Class on March 13th!

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This special class lasts about one and a half hour and can be paid with your regular class card or membership.