Winter Rejuvenation with Mark


3 hour Special Workshop

Winter Rejuvenation with Mark

Saturday, Jan. 13th at 2pm, Stadionweg

We all over do it a bit during the holiday season and lose our usual habits and rhythm. After the new year it's nice to kick start our bodies to help get through the rest of winter and break ourselves out of the slow pace of the holidays. Mark has put together a special workshop just for that.

A supple spine equates to a long and healthy life. By maintaining the spine's flexibility, circulation is increased and the nerves get the appropriate supply of nutrients and oxygen they need. When the spine loses its viscosity, the body loses energy, causing us to feel fatigued and lethargic. The winter darkness doesn't help either.


Yoga Workshop Amsterdam

In the workshop students will be provided with a solid understanding of the functionality of the spine before going through various warming up exercises. You will also experience how breath and movement affect the mobility of the spine through asanas like the upward facing dog, camel, bow and wheel. The focus will be on backbends but there will be some twists in there too.

Mark will also introduce you to the kriyas, yogic cleansing and purifying exercises taken from the Yoga Pradeepika. These exercises make the body cleaner and stronger while removing toxins and improving overall health and well being.

The goal is not only to shake you out of your winter slump but also to give you something to take with you to continue developing your own personal practice.

It will last about three hours and there will be tea and snacks with Mark at the end to answer any more questions that you may have or just to get to know each other a bit better.


Mark Yoga Amsterdam


Teaching has always been a passion of Mark's. Directly after high school he became a swimming instructor and spent a year teaching swimming at the local pool. Then during his military service he also taught in boot camp and now he teaches yoga. His life changed completely after being introduced to yoga and he couldn't be more grateful for it. As many have said before him, yoga is a way of life, and now it is his. Working on his personal and spiritual growth are his my main focuses in life; sharing his experiences and the tools to better oneself is the other. Nothing is better than seeing the progress you provoke in someone else and that is what he continues to strive to do through yoga.