Chi Nei Tsang

Willie Meester

Willie is an international Consultant in Holistic Nutrition, a Holistic Therapist & Raw Food Chef, who changed her base from The Gulf of Thailand to Amsterdam halfway 2018. She spend most of the last 4 years in Thailand, working as a Food & Health Specialist, Chi Nei Tsang Therapist, and Health, Wellness & Detox Manager on the beautiful island of Koh Pha Ngan.

After being trained as a Raja Yoga Teacher in The Netherlands in 1998, she completed further training in the field of holistic health, nutrition, health psychology & different therapeutic massage modalities. She takes on an integrative approach combining various holistic disciplines to promoting health, vitality & longevity by providing nutritional consultations, various holistic health therapies, and by organizing workshops & retreats.

She loves to assist you on your personal journey to improve your health, by looking at your specific wants, needs & requirements. She will guide & support you in overcoming perceived obstacles, shaking off the harmful effects of stress, increasing awareness, vitality & more restful sleep.

Nutritional Consultation

holistic health consult
In the Nutritional Consultation the focus is on assessing history and current situation of your health, food choices, food intake, eating habits and lifestyle, analyzing them and translating the results into steps & measures for you to take that fit your needs & goals.

This is done in a very personal setting, with a customized approach, so do not expect to receive quick fixes, dietary restrictions, standard recommendations and rigid meal plans. Focus is on long-term results, food freedom, food as a friend that nourishes you, on healthy habits and positive awareness in a way that benefits your health & lifestyle goals.

The Nutritional Consultation is for everyone who would like to improve their health, overall wellbeing & lifestyle. Book your session when:
• You are ready to take a step towards a healthier life, with healthy habits and a healthier relationship with food & yourself.
• You notice that stress is getting a firmer grip on you, influencing your sleeping patterns, your eating & lifestyle habits, and you are looking for a way to turn this around.
• You eat healthy, have an active lifestyle, are not burdened by a tremendous amount of stress, but still feel that there is more that can be attained regarding health & vitality.

Whether you have questions about proper nutrition, weight management, or digestive issues, by means of the Nutritional Consultation you will equipped with the nutritional knowledge you need, specifically tailored to your concerns.


Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang

This therapeutic treatment focuses on the abdominal area and internal organs to start. Gentle yet deep massage techniques promote the flow of blood & lymph, replenishing tissue & cells, releasing knots and tangles, and stimulating the internal organs to work more efficiently.
Chi Nei Tsang addresses all body systems like: digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, urinary, immune and reproductive, as well as related unprocessed emotions. Chi Nei Tsang helps the body to get rid of stagnation that obstructs the proper functioning of internal organs & bodily systems, while restructuring & strengthening the body by addressing visceral imbalances. It is excellent therapeutic treatment for:
• Improving digestion, absorption & elimination
• Treating chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulder, arms, pelvis, legs and feet
• Regaining health, vitality & energy

Chi Nei Tsang is a therapeutic form of massage, in which an important element is to teach you about your body & how to keep it healthy & happy. This means it is not a treatment that takes place in 100% silence. There will be some talking during the treatment: you can be asked to give additional info during the session depending on what comes up, you can be asked to give feedback, and you will receive information on what is being worked on and feedback & tips on what you can do yourself to stay healthy and promote health of specific organs & body systems.

Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony Tok Sen

Chi Nei Tsang Healing Harmony Tok Sen

Healing Harmony Chi Nei Tsang integrates the use of wooden tools during the treatment, for an even deeper impact on the muscle - tendon meridians. If things get blocked or stuck there, the cells of the body are not nourished enough with oxygen & nutrients, finally causing pain, stiffness and even immovability.
The use of specifically designed wooden tools creates harmonious vibrations of movement & sound that work deep into the bodily tissues. This releases deep, stubborn tensions in the abdominal area, chest, shoulders, back, neck, arms & legs.

The rhythmic waves of sound & movement dissolve blockages, working deeply through fascia & muscles, penetrating hardened tissue and softening it. Excellent therapeutic treatment for:
▪ Releasing tension & pain
▪ Increasing flexibility
▪ Healthy flow of energy, blood & lymph fluids
▪ Promoting relaxation & restful sleep

Cupping Amsterdam

Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping Massage Therapy eliminates stagnation in the meridians. This stagnation causes blockages & adhesions, resulting in pain, and limited movement, decreasing mobility & flexibility.
During Cupping Massage Therapy both silicone & plastic cups are used. These are placed on the skin to create a vacuum that draws the skin & the underlying tissues into the cup. This activates the circulation of blood & lymphatic fluids. Oxygenated blood nourishes the cells with nutrients while simultaneously stimulating the discharge of waste & toxins.

Because of the deep tissue effects of Cupping Massage Therapy it can be used for many complaints & ailments. It supports the relaxation of muscles & other tissues, stimulates the circulation of blood & lymphatic fluids while at the same time eliminating stagnation, detoxifying tissues, eventually resulting in reduction or elimination of experienced pain and improved movability & flexibility.

After the session red, blue, grey or even black marks can be seen on the skin. These are toxins drawn to the surface of the skin, for the body to discharge in the days following the therapeutic cupping treatment. These marks can be visible for 3 – 5 days post treatment, depending on the intensity of the mark & your overall health condition. The different reactions of the skin & the variety of colors shown in the marks tell the story of your overall health, underlying problems & conditions. This will be discussed with you at the end of the Cupping Massage Therapy session.

Gua Sha Amsterdam

Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha Therapy is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is usually translated as ‘scraping away’ (Gua) of ‘diseases concerning stagnated energy’ (Sha).
Gua Sha Therapy activates the flow of energy through the meridians, boosts the immune system, enhances the detoxification mechanisms of the body & stimulates circulation. By triggering & activating the self-healing capacity of the body, your overall health & energy improves by leaps & bounds, leaving you feeling fresh, fit, clear & energetic.

During Gua Sha Therapy a special Gua Sha tool is placed on the oiled skin, and moved across the skin in one direction. Discoloration of the skin appears in those areas where stagnated or blocked energy is located in the underlying tissues. The colors can vary from light to dark red, blue, purple, or black. The colors tells the story of underlying issues & these will be discussed with you at the end of the session.

The discolorations & marks on the skin can be visible for 3 – 7 days, depending on the intensity of the marks & your overall health condition. With consecutive Gua Sha treatments, the marks & discoloration become less intense. This means that the body has been releasing toxic waste & energetic stagnation, and is restoring its natural state of health.


60 min. = € 75
90 min. = € 100

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