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As a kid Sim drew a lot and at the age of 15 she discovered comics. Since then she has been drawing and painting the human body, always wanting to know more about how the body works beneath the skin. Rolling into yoga a couple of years ago amplified this desire to understand the human body for her.

She has been teaching yoga since december 2016 and in January 2017 she decide to learn more about the human body through massage. She has done many different massage trainings, studying various styles and techniques, from chair massage, deep tissue/sport massage, Thai table massage to foot reflexology.

She likes to combine the Thai techniques with her more traditional western massage training. As a yoga teacher and masseuse her main focus is to help people relax and to get to know their own body. She offers deep tissue, relaxation and half hour neck, shoulder and back massages.


Mayan Massage

Relaxing Massage

A gentle massage focusing more on circulation throughout the entire body but with an extra emphasis on the chest, head and face. No pressure points are stimulated.
It is also possible to book a combination of deep tissue and relaxation. This type of massage is only available for 90 minutes.

60 min. = € 60
90 min. = € 80

Chi Nei Tsang

Deep Tissue Massage

An intense massage in which multiple layers of tissues (muscles & meridians) are massaged and pressure points are stimulated. The massage and deep pressure can give a sense of relief right away, but sometimes the relief is felt after a few days, after the body has had time to fully recover.

60 min. = € 60
90 min. = € 80

Abhyanga Amsterdam

Neck, back, shoulder massage

Would you like a massage, but you don't have a lot of time? The shoulders and back are areas of the body that can carry a lot of stress so in this 30 minute massage only the upper body is worked. She combines both deep tissue and relaxation techniques to de stress the body and give you an immediate sense of relaxation. Because this is a short massage, it can be quite an intense experience.

30 min. = € 30

Info and appointments:

email Sim

Sim likes to take her time, so please take into consideration that a 60 minute massage might take up to 75 minutes. There will be a short intake before your massage to better know what suits you best.

You Can Yoga Wellness Center at Stadionweg 283 & Aalsmeerweg 25, Amsterdam Zuid.