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Janis' path as a masseuse started in 2008 when she became a sports masseuse. Over the years her expertise has grown through her interest and practice of various forms of massages such as relaxing, deep tissue, holistic, ayurvedic, lomi lomi and pregnancy. Healthy nutrition has become a guiding principle in her life when she studied to become a Hormoonfactor Trainer, a discipline about nutrition in relation to hormones by Ralf Moorman at Sonneveld opleidingen.

Working with energy has become her second nature and she's been a Healing Touch therapist since 2018. Healing Touch is a higher education study in complementary care that focuses on the energetic body, like Reiki. In addition to physical massage work, working with one's energetic body is extremely important because a physical problem can also originate at a deeper energetic level. This is what makes Janis' treatments so unique. The treatment can be a mix of various massage forms, and just what your body needs at that moment. All treatments are customised to your personal needs.


Abhyanga Amsterdam

Relaxing Massage

With the use of warm organic massage oil and relaxing effleurages, Janis will bring the body and mind in a very relaxed state. Because of this relaxed state of being, the body is able to let go of stress, tension, and blockages.

BeActivated Amsterdam

Deep Tissue Massage

An intense massage in which the problem is treated with a variety of techniques such as working with trigger points and a deep massage with the elbow, forearm, and finger joints. The massage will bring relief to the problem area and the body in general.

Chi Nei Tsang

Holistic Massage

This is a very gentle and light form of massage that also works with the energy of the client's body. During this massage Janis will use gentle strokes, pulsing and working in the client’s energy body and chakras. This massage can be experienced as very relaxing and soothing, but can also release trauma, stress, or heavy energy.

Mayan Massage

New Light Body Treatment

This is the most popular and can contain all the techniques she has mastered. In a short consultation with the client she finds out what they most need at that moment and creates a special treatment just for them.


60 min. session = € 70
75 min. session = € 80
90 min. session = € 90

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You Can Yoga Wellness Center at Stadionweg 283, Amsterdam Zuid.