Masseur Amsterdam Zuid


James’ passion for massage has roots in his interest in yoga, mindfulness, and holistic approaches to wellness - he was privileged to learn the traditional Thai massage technique from a master trainer in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

During each massage session James will use his hands to work acupressure points and energy lines from head to toe, seeking out and easing areas of tension and tightness. He will also use his body to guide yours through some deep, yoga-like stretches.

A relaxed, friendly consultation will take place before each service so that your unique needs and preferences will be tended to. James also loves to teach simple lifestyle tips and techniques to help maintain that relaxed and open feeling between massages.

60 min. = € 60


90 min. Thai Massage = € 85
120 min. Thai Massage = € 110

Info and appointments:

+44 7341 708 624
email James

You Can Yoga Wellness Center at Aalsmeerweg 25, Amsterdam Zuid.