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Ayurveda Amsterdam

Agata Malczewska    ayurvedic massage, sound bath session

Agata works in a holistic way, meaning we are all different and we all have different needs. She understands very well how important self care and a moment for yourself is to relax and be right here and right now... READ MORE >>

Massage Amsterdam Zuid

Mairon Chang    relaxing, thai and sport massage

His therapeutic and intuitive massages are always customised to the individual needs, with the final aim to let the body relax and recover from any source of stress, both physical and mental... READ MORE >>

Willie Massage

Willie Meester    chi nei tsang, gua sha, cupping

By looking at your specific wants, needs & requirements, Willie will guide and support you in overcoming perceived obstacles, shaking off the harmful effects of stress, increasing awareness, vitality & more restful sleep... READ MORE >>

Jason Yoga

Jason Revere    neuromuscular activation

After some simple strength and flexibility tests, so that changes can be clearly measured later, Jason will help you reset your body into breathing correctly, test the rest of your patterns and reset your body into a better performance mode... READ MORE >>

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