our Massage Therapists

Massage Amsterdam Zuid

Sim | deep tissue, relaxing

As a yoga teacher and masseuse her main focus is to help people relax and to get to know their own body. She offers deep tissue, relaxation and half hour neck, shoulder and back massages... READ MORE >>

Masseur Amsterdam Zuid

James | thai massage

James’ passion for massage has roots in his interest in yoga, mindfulness, and holistic approaches to wellness - he was privileged to learn the traditional Thai massage technique from a master trainer in Chiang Mai, Thailand... READ MORE >>

Ayurveda Amsterdam

Lucia | ayurvedic, pregnancy, herbal massage

After traveling through buddhist monasteries to learn dharma and their ancestral meditation techniques, Lucia then completed two trainings in the prestigious Ayurveda Univesity in Jamnagar, India, followed by an intensive internship at the Ayurveda... READ MORE >>

Craniosacral Amsterdam

Remco | shiatsu, relaxing, swedish, craniosacral

Remco completed his first massage training in 1998 and there hasn't been a year since then that he hasn't continued deepening his education with further studies of new techniques and practices... READ MORE >>

Chi Nei Tsang, Cupping, Gua Sha

Willie | Chi Nei Tsang, Cupping, Gua Sha

After being trained as a Raja Yoga Teacher in The Netherlands in 1998, she completed further training in the field of holistic health, nutrition, health psychology & different therapeutic massage modalities... READ MORE >>

Be Activated

Jason | Neuromuscular Activation

Jason has been on the yoga path for two decades now. His interest started with meditation when he was a teenager which led him to his own self created yoga practice at home. Not happy with what he found in books he decided to go to India... READ MORE >>