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Waking up is life's biggest challenge and Jason has the life experience to help you get there. Not only is Jason a yoga teacher of over 20 years and personal yoga coach, Jason has also been there himself – hit the very bottom before rising up to the top. Sometimes it takes being at your worst to see and grow into your very best!

The Full Reset is a combination of yoga techniques used to facilitate the students specific needs and goals. Work one on one with Jason to increase your personal awareness and breathing. The sessions are also combined with Neuromuscular Activation to wake up your diaphragm and to help bring a heightened awareness on the proper use of your muscles to improve your posture and breath. Everything begins with proper breathing. Change your breath, change your life.

Jason doesn't approach yoga as a religious experience but as a human one. It is not nirvana, it is right now! It's about waking up to the present moment and embracing your life for exactly what it is and breaking free from habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

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Jason Revere

Like most of us, Jason's life wasn't always as smooth as it is today. He was raised in a broken and abusive home and at 17 he became independent – living fast and free with drugs, arts and entertainment before dropping everything at 23 to go live and study yoga in India. He found himself living in an ashram that followed the Shankara lineage of yoga from the 4th century. This opened his eyes up to the fact that he was truly living his life the wrong way and showed him the power of strength, direction, discipline and focus. This was just the first step in a very long process. He ended up moving to Amsterdam and finding life he always wanted, but it was a difficult task. Steps in the right direction aren’t always easy. It's a matter of courage, perception, intention and finding your own way.

Jason realized that life isn't necessarily a struggle, but it's more of an ebb and flow. The struggles no longer seemed to be struggles but more like markings the path – clear signs of where too, and not, go. After this life became effortless, a joy, almost a game. From that moment on Jason has worked with other people, helping them see and follow the cues in their lives, and helping change their perception, embrace change. There is no one path, no one correct way. We all find our own, and in doing so create a life that is uniquely ours! His private sessions are highly personalized and transformational. You must be ready to work hard with humility and honesty to confront yourself and your life if you really want to make change.

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The Full Reset

After years of coaching, teaching, and neuromuscular activation I have noticed that what works best, and provides the fastest results, is a combination of all three. I call that The Full Reset. It consists of three sessions and is €195.

After that, if necessary... follow up sessions will be €75.

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• Packages can also be designed to meet your personal needs and goals.