What is Breathwork?

Our most important energy source is the breath. The vast majority of our energy comes from oxygen and the vast majority of waste leaves our body through exhalation. Yet we learn little about what it is to breathe well and all the great effects thereof.

If you only use a small superficial part of your lungs for breathing, as most people do: breathing often too high in the chest, superficial and too fast. Then there is only minimal use of the lower parts of you lungs, which means that a less effective gas exchange takes place. And because of this your body has to work a lot harder to get the same result as when you breathe well. And we’re already working so hard, so why don’t we let our breathing work for us? Making us reach our goals faster, with more peace, energy and joy.

Your breath is an unconscious process that you can influence consciously. The breathing pattern that you have can be seen as a metaphor for how you’re living. Because if you change the way you breathe it will have immediate consequences for your physical and mental condition. In particular on your thought patterns. Breathing and thoughts are congruent with each other. Your breathing therefore reflects your thoughts, and your thoughts influence your behavior and the choices you make. With this wisdom on hand you can use conscious breathing as a wonderful tool. To work towards where you want to be, to your goals and pleasure.

With breathwork coaching you will learn to breathe and think relaxed again. Especially in the (stressful) moments when you didn’t do this before. What a relief. You will notice the difference!

Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork in its simplest definition is deep breathing into the body.

It is a great way to deeply connect with your body and yourself.

During 1 on 1 breathwork and group circles we work towards a conscious connected breathing. Where you’re asked to breathe without pauses, allowing you to inhale large amounts of oxygen. Your closed breathing areas open up and your energy levels increase.

Through conscious connected breathwork, movement, sound and emotional release you have an opportunity to release tension and trauma in the body so you can feel more empowered, free and resilient.

The breathwork sessions are primarily about raising awareness; only that which you are aware of, you can feel fully and integrate. By connecting your breath during breathwork session, we create a safe space in which your unconscious or repressed thoughts, feelings and emotions can surface. This way you can, layer by layer, release blocked energy/tension and old pain. The technique we use helps you to relax in this, because approaching our sensations in a relaxed way, we can let go of what no longer serves us and open our hearts to what we want to experience more of.

The relaxation that arises in you gives you more clarity and space in your thinking, feeling and doing. You will come into contact with your inner wisdom and live more from authenticity. It feels like coming home to yourself.

120 min. breathwork session = € 118

Breathwork has a relieving and restorative effect on:

• Emotional blockages
• Complaints of stress and tension
• Chronic fatigue
• Burnout
• (Chronic) hyperventilation
• Fears, anxiety, panic attacks
• Uncertainty, lack of confidence, feeling of inferiority
• Grief
• Traumatic experiences
• Not being able to express what lives in you
• Suppressed anger
• Sadness, depression, unable to enjoy life
• Addictions
• Asthma, COPD, and breathing difficulties
• Digestive problems
• A natural cleansing of the body

What you may experience from doing breathwork:

• Deep relaxation
• Feeling of expansion and lightness
• Feeling more free
• More compassion for self
• Emotional release
• More peace of mind
• Letting go of the past
• Deeper connection with self
• Deeper breathing
• Clearer mind

Breathwork sessions can also benefit greatly for physical complaints, such as headaches, abdominal pain, menstrual problems, and all stress-related complaints.

Note: Breathwork sessions are not recommended in case of glaucoma, epilepsy, prolonged intake of antidepressants or just after giving birth.

Breathwork Amsterdam

Robin Erkel

As a breathwork coach, counselor and Ayurvedic therapist Robin works with effective holistic methods and does this with great satisfaction.

In life and her various studies, including Ayurvedic Medicine, Basic Medical & Pscychosocial studies, Transformational Breathwork Coaching, Social Work, Yoga, Counselling, and various courses, she has gained a lot of knowledge about the body, our habitual patterns, our being and the importance of healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. In which we can breathe freely and better understand how to process our physical & mental challenges. In short: how to bring resilience back into your life, so that you can lead the life you choose!

She helps beautiful people like you with their journey inward – healing and transforming from within. She sees your potential, helps you with feeling, trusting, un-covering, connecting, and clarifying, to from there translate this in concrete steps.

for info and appointments:

+31 6 41 60 51 26
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You Can Yoga Wellness Center at Stadionweg 283, Amsterdam Zuid.