Neuromuscular Activation

Neuromuscular Activation

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We are under constant stress due to improper breathing, which is interpreted as survival mode by our body. When in survival mode the body utilizes harmful movement compensation patterns which can lead to injury, stress and fatigue. Neuromuscular Activation takes the body out of this survival mode thus improving natural muscle sequencing for proper movement.

Your body has two priorities for optimal performance; to breathe and to move, correctly. Most people don't do either, so their bodies find a way to meet these priorities by creating harmful physical compensation patterns.

Compensation patterns are the main cause of non contact injuries in movement as well as every day aches and pains that limit physical performance and cause stress. By activating specific nerve points, we can shift the body out of these patterns to improve breathing, reduce pain, increase flexibility, reduce stress and help the body become more resilient to injury.

Activating these special nervous reflex points resets your body out of these harmful compensation patterns to it's more natural state of movement.

We start by testing what your body is doing now, with simple strength and flexibility tests, so that changes can be clearly measured later. The next step is to reset your body into breathing correctly. Once you are breathing correctly, we test the rest of your patterns, and if need be, reset your body into a better performance mode. Once you are reset you will experience a sense of lightness, increased flexibility, improved movement and deeper breath. The best part about the technique is that the results are immediate, measurable and almost unbelievable.

The intake will last about an hour and a half as Jason explains the technique to you, based on his training with Douglas Heel and Be Activated, and we discover how your body is currently functioning. This will then be followed by a sequence of deep activation on specific points throughout the body. A few one hour follow up treatments are suggested but that will be determined during the intake.

Be Activated Amsterdam



Intake = € 85
Follow up = € 70

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