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Shirodhara Amsterdam

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic science that is about 5000 years old that originates from India. Many people who are familiar with it call Ayurveda the science of a happy & healthy life; it teaches us what is needed in order to reach our greatest potential. The most important aspect of this practice is prevention– we need to take care of ourselves on a daily bases in order to stay healthy and in balance, rather than performing damage control. Besides focusing on prevention, the principle of the three doshas makes Ayurveda even more special.

The doshas Vata, Pitta & Kapha – consist of 2 elements each:
Vata: Ether & Air
Pitta: Fire & Water
Kapha: Earth & Water
Each of the three doshas are present in everyone in different proportions. Some people have more of the earth element, others more of air and so on - these different combinations are what make each individual unique. What might work for one person may not work for the other at all.

Ayurveda provides us with the knowledge of an appropriate lifestyle and a proper diet according to everyone’s unique constitution.
Additionally, detoxification of body and mind is an essential part of Ayurveda and should be performed regularly. This process can be supported through various Ayurvedic treatments which help to keep the physical and mental state in balance. Treatments are also used to re-establish well-being, inner peace & all-over health.
Ayurveda solely works with purely natural remedies, like oil & herbs.

...let go and surrender to a treat of total self care!

Body Treatments

Shirodhara Amsterdam


Shirodara is a method in which warm oil is poured onto the third eye. This is the point between your two eyebrows. This method calms the nervous system and reduces Pitta (Fire element) and Vata (Air element) imbalances. Advised for anyone who feels like they are stuck in their head – Shirodhara can help with anxiety, headaches, insomnia and fatigue. It renews and reinvigorates the body and mind. It also works to nourish and strengthen hair follicles and can soften worry lines.

Length: 45min.
Price: €70

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Urovasti Amsterdam


In Hartdhara a paste of flour and water is used to make a holder and placed on the sternum. Warm oil is poured for approximately 30 minutes into this holder. Most often done in combination with Abhayanga and Shirodhara, this method helps to reconnect to the heart and decrease anxiety. When we stimulate blood flow to the heart and chest area, the vibrations of the heart chakra can be felt again. Hartdhara also helps with respiratory issues like dry cough and improves breathing.

Length: 30min.
Price: €40

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Ayurvedic Massage Amsterdam


Abhayanga is a full body oil massage advised for people who seek nourishment and rejuvenation. Stimulating energy points on the head and in the body, it can reduce symptoms of ageing, promote good sleep, improve the appearance of the skin and unblock stagnated energy. For Vata imbalances it grounds and nourishes the body; for Pitta imbalances it cools down the body and reconnects to feelings; for Kapha imbalances it brings stimulation, activation and allows a flow of energy to come back to the body.

Length: 60min.
Price: €80

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Pinda Swedana Amsterdam

Pinda Swedana

Pinda Swedana is a lymphatic massage that is done with a warm bag of herbs containing ginger and ajuwan known for their ability to penetrate deeper tissues and remove stored toxins. Advised to people with Kapha (Earth element) imbalances, Pinda Swedana stimulates and activates the lymphatic system, reduces sluggishness and fatigue and exfoliates the skin. Regular sessions can help with skin problems like cellulite. It also improves digestion and reduce water retention.

Length: 60min.
Price: €80

Now 20% OFF! = €64


Ayurveda Amsterdam


Coming from a background of law and finance, Verena discovered Ayurveda two years ago when Western medicine was not able to solve her health problems at the time. Discovering Ayurveda felt like coming home to herself. Verena believes that the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda is a very pure, natural, untouched way to align yourself in a safe and stable environment.
As an Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition coach, her passion is to support and help people on their path to find more balance in life, to reconnect with themselves and to reach their full potential. Taking an individual approach is key for Verena – that means that each client has a unique story and starts their journey where they are today. Creating a space in which each client feels comfortable and secure, Verena can help you to let go of tension, guide you back to yourself and figure out what is truly important.

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