Eline Selie

Singing and dancing from a very young age, Eline has always felt a connection with breathing, moving and the influence this has on the mind and ones emotions. During her training at the Conservatory she came into contact with meditation. Moving to Amsterdam in 2016, she was enabled to take yoga practices on a regular basis in the abundance of a big city. She experienced the benefits of the practice and was introduced to it’s wisdom. There is a lot to find in practice, and the curiosity for this led her to the teacher training at You Can Yoga in 2022. The applied focus, connection to the breath and movement brings her more in her body, enhances her strength, and it brings peace in her non-stop monkey mind. It has become a part of her life she would not want to miss anymore. Eline is very excited to take her first steps into teaching her practice and is hoping to bring more of it into the world and other people’s lives. 

She is looking forward to seeing you on the mat.