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Jason Revere


Jason Revere

Jason has been on the yoga path for two decades now. His interest started with meditation when he was a teenager which led him to his own self created yoga practice at home. Not happy with what he found in books he decided to go to India and study at the source. There the real inward journey began. Knowing that not everyone is on a spiritual path, but everyone can benefit from yoga, he decided to create a space where yoga is made accessible for everyone. No dogma, just yoga. We are all free to find what we need from yoga whether its relief from stress or pain or just a way to ease your mind. Jason also offers Yoga Coaching. If you want to go further, all you need to do is ask. Otherwise, just enjoy the mat. More about Jason >>

Mary Yoga

Mary Sobiechowski

Mary has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. She moved to Amsterdam after living in New York City as a technologist, artist and single mother of two. She attributes her yoga practice to her sustained energy, flexibility, and fearless spirit. With a love of active sports and road warrior travel, she relied on yoga for stamina, balance, and restoration. Her classes integrate the physical alignment of vinyasa flow with Hatha / Iyengar based asana and a spirit of playfulness. Her goal is to have students step off the mat refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Sailing Yoga

Suzanna Stok

Suzanna started teaching yoga in 2009 in combination with sailing workshops in Greece, but her practice started a longtime before that. She started practicing yoga 20 years ago at the Iyengar Institute in Amsterdam and later she shifted her focus more towards deep therapeutic stretching. She is a Yin, Mindfulness and Hatha teacher. With these combinations her focus is on deep stretching combined with breathing to unblock physical imbalances. She enjoys giving lots of individual attention and corrections when needed. For her, Yoga is to be connected with your inner self, others and nature, to be open minded and not trapped in daily habits.

Tobias Yoga

Tobias Oeckler

Indian music and philosophy sparked his passion and interest into the world of yoga before Tobias had even set foot on a yoga mat. After having lived in many different countries, it was in Amsterdam where he started to follow the path of yoga with dedication and devotion. A few career changes and life crises later, he then started a teacher training and deeply fell in love with the transformative power of yoga. Being a singer-songwriter off the mat, Tobias takes you on a musical journey and makes you smile through well aligned postures and breath flowing sequences with some occasional jokes.

Pilates Amsterdam

Gladys Nurmohamed

Gladys emphasizes movement with precision in a safe and intelligent way. Movement has always been a part of her daily life. Though she has a professional background in coaching, communications and change management, her two decades of experience as an oriental dancer and teacher contribute to her style of teaching. She is a certified yoga and pilates teacher and in her classes she creates an environment in which students can move mindfully while increasing awareness of their body and mind. Her goal is to have students leave the class feeling relaxed and energized. "My core values are passion, creativity and personal development. A healthy balance between body and mind is indispensable; your own balance is the foundation to be successful.”

Erika Pilates

Erika Hoopes

Erika is a certified yoga, pilates and mindfulness teacher. She has been passionate about mind-body awareness practices ever since her first pilates class as a young teen. The combination of yoga, pilates and meditation has been healing and transformative physically, mentally, and emotionally for her. Inspired to share these benefits with others, she spent half a year in India and Southeast Asia to study and train in yoga and meditation and completed her comprehensive Pilates teacher training in California. “In my teaching, I aim to create a space where students can experience mindful movement and intentional stillness while cultivating awareness, strength, balance, curiosity, and appreciation. I hope students will leave class smiling, energized, and inspired by a deep connection to the body and soul.”

Arben Yoga

Arben Sinani

Arben first met yoga at the age of 12 at a kids summer camp. Both curious and shy, it took another 12 years for them to meet again. After studying and practicing yoga online for 2 years, he suddenly decided to quit his work and go to Mexico for a Sivananda Yoga teacher training in 2018. They fell in love and have been exploring each other ever since through dedicated practice and study. He teaches traditional Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa and has a passion for Astanga and Yin yoga too. For him yoga is about connecting and exploring the relationship with your breath, energy, body, mind, and spirit. And that's what you get to experience in his classes. Come experience some jungle nomad love.

Pregnancy Yoga Amsterdam

Kasia Pokrop

Kasia discovered yoga while working as a project manager in Amsterdam. She quickly got hooked, followed her first teacher training in Ashtanga in 2015 and started to share this beautiful practice with others herself. Coming to the mat every day is what brings her energy, grounds her and keeps her sane. It is also what helped her throughout her pregnancy, labor, and changes that came after. The impact of yoga on that life changing journey was so amazing that she decided to take Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Birthlight and HypnoBirthing Practitioner training with the HypnoBirthing™ Institute. Now she is sharing with others what gave her strength throughout that special time when pregnant and as a young mom during Ashtanga, Pregnancy and Mama & Baby yoga classes.


Ashwini Babu

Ashwini discovered yoga at a very young age during her school days in India and immediately fell in love with it. She built her initial practice by doing yoga and meditation at a temple located in a peaceful hamlet in Southern India. She has practiced Yoga in several different styles in India, USA, and the Netherlands before deciding to go on a Yogic pilgrimage to Mysore, India to learn the traditional form of Vinyasa Yoga. Her classes incorporate a combination of Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation with safe & proper alignments, preparations, and props for students. Her classes are well suited for both seasoned practitioners who are looking for fast-paced flows, as well as for beginners looking for a solid foundation. Ashwini’s teaching is aimed at creating an awareness that Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who we truly are. She is also passionate about Yoga philosophy, Reiki, and Ayurveda.

Pilates Amsterdam

Fernanda Gonzalez

Fernanda is a professional dancer who has delved into different techniques of training as the core of her artistic practice, and her daily life. After experiencing a severe back injury five years ago she had to reconsider her approach to movement from a more holistic and sustainable point of view. Yoga, pilates, gyrotonics, and somatic practices became fundamental to her approach to movement. Fernanda’s class takes from all of these different teachings and aims to reset the body into new, well thought, released, available patterns that allow for joy, articulation, space, strength, and pleasure in the body.

Yin Yoga

Dorota Rokita

Dorota fell in love with yoga a few years ago after experiencing firsthand the benefits of maintaining a regular practice. She followed her first teacher training to better understand why yoga had such a powerful effect on her life, and to be able to share that experience with others. She finds that it helps her to keep a better sense of balance, take care of her body and mind, develop self-awareness and reduce stress and that yoga can bring so much more than physical benefits. In her mindful Yin Yoga classes, you are invited to leave your ambitions outside the door, move inwards, recognise your boundaries, let them go, and reach a deeper sense of relaxation.

Merdan Yoga

Merdan Akbayir

For Merdan, yoga is like a best friend, always there by his side, giving him support, strength and answers to his own questions about life and bringing him closer to himself. As a former biologist and current choreographer and masseur, in yoga everything comes together for him. Working with the body and learning through direct experience about oneself, choreographing and moving through a sequence of postures, refining the body and mind more and more until finally moving beyond it; into stillness and peace. He is inspired to share his passion for yoga, to empower others on their way to find a deep sense of peace, connection and joy within themselves, which is always available for free. The focus in his classes are breath, intention, and alignment. The whole practice becomes a meditation in movement, ending in the final relaxation posture, where you can let go completely.

Sabrina Wandl

Sabrina Wandl

Sabrina started her yoga journey when she moved to Amsterdam in 2011. Initially, yoga was only a physical workout, however, soon she started to realize that it gave her so much more than that: a quiet mind and more contentment in her life. She soon fell in love with Ashtanga and went on to complete a Vinyasa teacher training. Being so happy to share this beautiful practice with others, makes every class she teaches a gift to herself. During her classes she aims to pass on to her students what she receives from her personal yoga practice: a quiet and peaceful state of mind. She aims to create a warm atmosphere during her class, supported by relaxing music. Once in a while she shares some anecdotes about her practice but most importantly, she tries to give the students as much personal attention as they need.

Kids Yoga Amsterdam

Nausicaa Hugon

Nausicaa is passionate about learning in a playful and active way with children. Her journey with Yoga started in Amsterdam in 2013 in her personal life and then she followed a course in India with Padmakarma in 2017. After that, she wanted to expand her connection with children and their development by joining Rainbow Kids Yoga training. Since then, she's been teaching Kids Yoga (English & French) also celebrating Kids Yoga Birthdays. She uses her experience and passion for young children to inform dynamic, fun and engaging classes. She loves to work with music, singing, books and imagination. Nausicaa focuses on children's sense of connection with their own nature and environment. Her wish is to address a positive impact through the combination of play, creativity and awareness.

Alex Cassano

Alex Cassano

Alex discovered yoga while living in London over 10 years ago, as another attempt to escape and to help beat out a lifetime of excesses. Years of practice eventually paid off and a shift within himself was initiated.
His personal holistic experience from developing a strong yoga practice has sparked a desire to share it with others while continuing his personal self-realization journey.
His classes combine both, strength and mobility work in a dynamic, Vinyasa Flow style. Expect to meditate, move, sweat and breathe all in a warm and compassionate setting.

Lola Hampson

Lola Hampson

Lola discovered yoga during her world trip in 2018. After a long battle with health issues, yoga brought back her confidence in both her body and mind. Ever since, she has explored how mindfulness and yoga can help create self-awareness, peace of mind, and resiliency. In 2020 she completed her yoga teacher training with Jason at YouCanYoga. Now she is ready to share the energetic and transformational power of yoga and to bring it to life for everyone to explore with her.

Yin Yoga Amsterdam

Dorien Immig

Dorien fell in love with yoga in 2012 and has explored different styles ever since. She began her teaching journey attending a Yin teacher training her in Amsterdam in 2016. Then she traveled to India in 2018 to study Yin and Yang Yoga, as well as the meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently she completed her training in Pregnancy Yoga and Mindful Kids Yoga. Next to her personal yoga practice she has a regular meditation practice and she likes to take this to her students, creating a very mindful approach in her classes. "The practice of yoga gives me a sense of coming home, which is the best feeling there is! In my perspective, yoga gives us the opportunity to celebrate life and being alive, from the inside out. It is my humble mission to reconnect people to themselves. My classes are all about the finding (and respecting) of boundaries, activation of energy and deeper relaxation."

You Can Yoga