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It’s not all asana

As the modern western yoga world gets farther away from what yoga historically and traditionally is we try our best to stay closer to its origins. Yoga is so much more than doing postures in various styles and rhythms under the direction of a single teacher or guru. There are Four Paths of Yoga, or…
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You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga.

I've been hearing a lot from new students or people that want to get started with yoga, or simply just to give a try, that they aren't flexible enough so they won't be able to do it well. This is a huge misconception of the entire concept of what yoga really is. Flexibility is a…
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You are not a number!

The industrialisation of yoga is turning yogis into just that, a number that passes through a revolving door. The more studios I see opening around me the larger they seem to be. If you got into yoga as a business owner to make money then you are not a yogi at all. Teaching yoga is…
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Non violence in daily life

The first apartment I rented on my own in Amsterdam was a tiny shithole in a busy neighbourhood that was very loud and smelly, there was a street market parallel to it so that was mostly to blame. The rent was €995 per month and it was so old and poorly taken care of that…
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What is Yoga and why should I do it?

Simply put, yoga is a series of movements utilizing all of your major muscle groups so that you can sit down on the floor comfortably without any pain or discomfort. It keeps your body strong and supple. The technique was created thousands of years ago so that practioners could sit in meditation for hours on…
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