SPECIAL CLASS: Stronger Within


Stronger Within

with Jason and special guest Bev Porrino
Saturday October 8th at 14:00, Stadionweg

Come experience something different in the yoga world. This very special three hour workshop with special guest Bev Porino, visiting us from Dublin, will introduce you to a whole new way of connecting to your body.


Yoga Workshop Amsterdam

Be Activated

This fun and interactive workshop will explore yoga practice through a concept called, Be Activated. We'll work on releasing hamstrings, and calf muscles and awaken and re-balance muscles to enable you to move through your yoga practice with ease and with grace.

Be-Activated is a revolutionary approach to correcting musculoskeletal imbalances. It's a simple, effective and measurable method of addressing pain, improving performance and restoring balance and is an empowering tool for everyone. It can be used to enhance any activity and now I've combined the concept with yoga.


Be Activated Yoga Amsterdam

Once a body is activated the result is instant. Muscles return to their normal length and function, people report that they move easier, feel lighter and are more open and connected, which is exactly what we are looking for in our yoga practice.

• In the first hour Bev and Jason will assess students through a series of Kinetic tests, the purpose is to demonstrate how the muscles in our bodies sometime become confused resulting in tightness, compensation patterns, low energy and can lead to injury.

• The second part of the workshop is a 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga class starting with Pranayama, then a Gentle Flow of postures building to stronger and more dynamic positions.

• The Workshop will end with 30 minutes of meditation and guided relaxation.



bev porrino yoga

Bev Porrino

Bev teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. She has a particular interest in the science of breath and how it affects our well-being. Her playful nature encourages students to explore themselves through breath, movement and reconnecting with themselves. Bev lives in Dublin, Ireland where she studies Neuromuscular Therapy and myofascial release and Be Activated - Muscle Activation Techniques.
After struggling with a long-term hip and shoulder injury Bev met a South African Therapist called Douglas Heel. Through his Be Activated techniques, Douglas taught her how to rebalance and release her muscles and helped her to reconnect with her mind and body. Since then, she has teamed the concept with her yoga practice and teachings and incorporates Be Activated, muscle activation and release techniques into her classes and daily life.
The techniques have helped her to become stronger, more balanced and flexible. Bev describes herself as a yoga junkie, loving the freedom to create intelligent asana sequences but respecting the ancient lineage and philosophy that her studies have taught her. Her philosophy is simple, learn to breathe well and the rest will come...

Jason Yoga Amsterdam


Jason studied both vinyasa and hatha yoga extensively in India and California. He has a DVD, You Can Yoga, available in the US, UK, Canada and you can also find it locally at the American Book Center and De Roos in Vondel Park. After more than a decade teaching at yoga studios, gyms, retreat centers, businesses and privately coaching students one on one in San Francisco and in Amsterdam he decided to start these centers in his neighborhood. His approach is very simple, yoga should be made accessible to everyone. No pressure, no attitude, no dogma and this also holds true for the approach to yoga at the studios themselves.