Same story, different angle

My previous entry was about letting go of the asana in hopes of letting go of a piece of the ego at the same time. This is going to be a recurring theme because I truly feel the goal, the true purpose, of practicing yoga is lost in the western world. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is my mantra for the yoga world as a whole and my little place in it. Now, how to go about making that change….

As a yoga teacher we offer the light, the knowledge we have acquired in our own practice, to the students. Not to give them anything new but to help them create the space in which to find it on their own. A yoga class is merely the tool you need to do the work yourself. The work being, separating from the ego. Anything else is actually just watering down the message. So I have stepped away from asana, for now.

I will stop teaching weekly classes at the studio in place of working on a new course to be offered next year and finishing up the book I am working on. Throughout my career I have come across so many yoga teachers who were extremely unprepared. If they had ever truly studied yoga in its purest sense that had been lost along the way or simply not absorbed in the process. How can you create a true space for the growth of others based on the traditions of yoga if you don’t actually adhere to them yourself?

We had a teacher with hundreds of training hours come to us who didn’t even know how to breath. Without proper breath yoga is pretty much useless. When confronted about this the ego snapped and a rage of fury came lashing out at me. The self had truly been confronted yet never actually been dealt with so what was she supposed to be teaching to others, other than exercise? Yoga is not fitness.

The 200 Hour Intensive course that runs currently at the studio is a taste of what’s to come with our first ever Certified Teacher Training Program. Along with Gretchen, Jo and Serge I’m taking the knowledge that we have all learned and passing down to you. More details coming soon.

A true Teacher Training Program should be confronting because yoga is not a walk in the park. The ego should be exposed so that it can slowly be destroyed. Sure, we will study in depth anatomy, philosophy, pranayama and asana but the goal will be to create a true yogi out of you. I want to give you the tools necessary to have a deep, strong and focused yoga practice in order to better serve you first! Only then can you try to pass your experience along to others. Though, that is not the goal of this program. Expect a challenge!

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