Relaxation & Stress Relief Workshop


Relaxation & Stress Relief Workshop with Nataliia

Saturday, December 17th at 14:00

Stress is a fact of everyday life. With more knowledge about how to relax,
we can learn to recover from stress, stay healthy and full of energy.


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During the workshop we will learn:

● simple relaxation methods, that promote health and general well-being;
● how to cure a variety of health conditions;
● how to unlock your full potential;
● the scientific background of the stress;
● detailed explanations of the techniques;
● practical implementation in daily life;
● how to relax yourself and help to relax the others.

After the workshop you will:

● feel relaxed and full of energy;
● learn to control your thoughts and emotions;
● react differently to stress;
● learn how to relax in situation of physical and mental tension;
● enhance your immune system;
● sleep deeper.

This workshop is for you if:

● you feel tired already when you wake up;
● feel physically and mentally exhausted;
● you do not have enough energy to reach your goals;
● you feel down and depressed from time to time;
● you feel stresses in contact with others;
● you work a lot.

What techniques we will learn:

● Feldenkrais method - “awareness through movement”- by slow and gentle moves, these exercises allow the nervous system to learn more efficient habits of movement and posture.
● Craniosacral therapy - ¨hands-on method¨ - using gentle touch you can help others to relieve the symptoms of stress or tension.
● Yoga nidra - following guided relaxation you get into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.
● Jacobson’s relaxation technique focuses on tightening and relaxing specific muscle groups in sequence.

Nataliia Yoga Amsterdam


Nataliia is certified in ayurveda and many styles of yoga, truly incorporating the yogic lifestyle into her own. She began studying in 2002 and has worked in India, Tibet, Turkey and the Ukraine. Now we are happy to have her here in Amsterdam. She incorporates her broad range of knowledge and experience into her lessons because she finds joy in helping others discover what yoga has done for her and what it can do for them too.

● the workshop will last 2.5 hours and it will be followed by tea and snacks with the teacher ●

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