United in diversity

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✊ At You Can Yoga, we like to remind ourselves and others that first of all, what we do is POLITICAL. The system in which we live has failed many of us. As a society, we lack a sense of community, human connection, and true support for personal development. We live in an oppressive world that constantly strives for the establishment of a ‘normality’; conformity is usually well seen by the system, meaning that we have to shrink ourselves to fit roles and categories that come from the outside, thus becoming measurable and losing our true nature.

⚧ That’s why, today and always, we put diversity as a core value of our community. We are proudly queer and we are never going to accept compromises on the downside. This is not what yoga teaches us. With our practice, we progressively dig into our acquired conditioning and eradicate it, little by little. Every day we shine more of our inner and immense light.

👩🏾‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏼 We proudly celebrate love, in all its forms. Love is the best weapon we have to realize ourselves as non-individuals, leaving all ideologies and selfish desires apart. Love is what brought us here today, leading a cozy and authentic school in Amsterdam.

🙏🏾 We passionately thank you all for being part of our sangha. With your uniqueness, you are contributing to forming a greater image that is amazingly radiant, true, and designated to win. 💎

Happy pride month to everyone. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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