Mama & Baby Ashtanga Vinyasa


Mama & Baby Ashtanga Vinyasa

Wednesday, October 2nd at 11am, Stadionweg

Baby yoga

You just got your baby and would like to get back on the mat but you don’t always have someone to take care of your little one? This class is just what you have been looking for!

Kasia will take you through a Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence while your little one is lying next to you. We will let our mini yogis sleep, play or crawl around if they wish to do so, while we continue with the practice.

What can you expect from this class:

Baby Yoga

You will not only find back your strength and flexibility, but also calmness and clarity of mind thanks to working with ujjayi breath (‘one breath one movement’). And by focusing on mula bandha, you will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles – an important one after giving birth!

Ashtanga is a dynamic practice, which can be challenging, yet also giving lots of energy back – something we strive for while being young parents.. Repetition of the sequence can be also a great help if you wish to set up your home practice that for many of us is the only practice we are able to get to, when we have a little one to take care of.

Kasia will help you during the class, but also with any questions you may have about your home practice. She will share with you what she has learned so far as a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner and teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher, and a mom of Lily and Miko (who may join, if he happens to be on his nap time, since he falls into baby category still as well – born July 24th, 2019 J)..

This class is meant for young parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older sisters, brothers or babysitters. As long as your baby is older than 6 weeks, but young enough to still be in their crawling phase, we would love to see you with us!

Pregnancy Yoga Amsterdam

Kasia Pokrop

Kasia discovered yoga while working as a project manager in Amsterdam. She quickly got hooked, followed her first teacher training in Ashtanga in 2015 and started to share this beautiful practice with others herself. Coming to the mat every day is what brings her energy, grounds her and keeps her sane. It is also what helped her throughout her pregnancy, labor, and changes that came after. The impact of yoga on that life changing journey was so amazing that she decided to take Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Birthlight and HypnoBirthing Practitioner training with the HypnoBirthing™ Institute. Now she is sharing with others what gave her strength throughout that special time as well.

This cost of this special class is €15 and space is limited so please sign in below.

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