Levitation Workshop with Jason


!!! Happy April Fools !!!

3 hour Special Class

Levitation Workshop with Jason

Saturday, April 21st at 2pm, Stadionweg

Yoga Workshop Amsterdam

Have you ever tried to levitate at home and just gave up after a few minutes because you didn’t know how to proceed? The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools to cultivate a home levitation practice, with the aim of getting you off your mat more often and with more creative meditation possibilities.

Jason has mastered the art of levitation by becoming completely free of ego. In that, he’s discovered a secret shortcut that he’s going to share with you in this very special class. Floating away from all of your problems has never been so easy.


It's not to suggest that you stop coming to class but instead it is aimed at students who are looking to practice and develop outside of class without having to scroll through YouTube for hours in order to find the perfect practice to follow. You don't have to be a teacher to levitate and Jason is here to help you get started.

In the workshop he will take you through the techniques needed to help you better learn what comes next on your own. As self realisation and levitation go hand in hand.

Come with questions and a notebook so that you can leave feeling ready to unroll your mat at home with confidence. Then float right off of it.

It will last about three hours and there will be tea and snacks with Jason at the end to answer any more questions that you may have or just to get to know each other a bit better. It will cost €35 and space is limited so please book now at the bottom of this page.


Meditation Amsterdam


Jason has been on the yoga path for two decades now. His interest started with meditation when he was a teenager which led him to his own self created yoga practice at home. Not happy with what he found in books he decided to go to India and study at the source. There the real inward journey began. Knowing that not everyone is on a spiritual path, but everyone can benefit from yoga, he decided to create a space where yoga is made accessible for everyone. No dogma, just yoga. We are all free to find what we need from yoga whether its relief from stress or pain or just a way to ease your mind. Jason also offers Yoga Therapy and Inspirational Life Coaching. If you want to go further, all you need to do is ask. Otherwise, just enjoy the mat.