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Kids Yoga Amsterdam

Kids Yoga Amsterdam Zuid 👶

for kids age 4 and up

Children are physical, they are silly, they love to laugh and they love to learn.

Kids Yoga sculpts young minds and bodies giving tools that will enhance and support them to be balanced, creative and calm individuals with a strong sense of who they are in relation to the world. It encourages self esteem, concentration and body awareness plus the ability to steer your way smoothly through life’s challenges.

Physically, yoga enhances coordination, it has a powerful effect on brain development, and brings heightened focus. Yoga for kids is a unique adventure using stories, games, music and fun to open and expand their heart, body and mind.

Kids Yoga Amsterdam

Baby Yoga Amsterdam

Kathleen Egan

Since first connecting with yoga as a teenager, Kathleen Egan has integrated yoga into her daily life, growing and honing her own personal practice and establishing herself as a Vinyasa, Family and Children’s Yoga Teacher. Kathleen’s Vinyasa Yoga certification with Kids Yoga and Mama & Baby Yoga training with Kidding Around Yoga, form a complementary extension of her formal education in Family Welfare and Child and Adolescent Development. Experiencing first-hand the benefit yoga has on the development and learning of children throughout their lives, Kathleen adores her role and privilege in sharing yoga with so many lovely families and young people, watching them flourish and grow. Kathleen’s classes give space for families and children to experience yoga, giving balance, body and movement awareness while maintaining a sense of fun and play.