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for kids of all ages

Children are physical, they are silly, they love to laugh and they love to learn.

Kids Yoga sculpts young minds and bodies giving tools that will enhance and support them to be balanced, creative and calm individuals with a strong sense of who they are in relation to the world. It encourages self esteem, concentration and body awareness plus the ability to steer your way smoothly through life’s challenges.

Physically, yoga enhances coordination, it has a powerful effect on brain development, and brings heightened focus. Yoga for kids is a unique adventure using stories, games, music and fun to open and expand their heart, body and mind.

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Kids Yoga Amsterdam

Dorien Immig

Dorien fell in love with yoga in 2012 and has explored different styles ever since. She began her teaching journey attending a Yin teacher training her in Amsterdam in 2016. Then she traveled to India in 2018 to study Yin and Yang Yoga, as well as the meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently she completed her training in Pregnancy Yoga and Mindful Kids Yoga. Next to her personal yoga practice she has a regular meditation practice and she likes to take this to her students, creating a very mindful approach in her classes. "The practice of yoga gives me a sense of coming home, which is the best feeling there is! In my perspective, yoga gives us the opportunity to celebrate life and being alive, from the inside out. It is my humble mission to reconnect people to themselves. My classes are all about the finding (and respecting) of boundaries, activation of energy and deeper relaxation."

Every Wednesday @ 13:15 at Stadionweg

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