Jason Revere

Jason Revere

Jason Revere

Jason's life wasn't always as happy as it is today. He was raised in a broken home with health issues. At 17 he became independent – living fast and free with drugs, arts and entertainment before dropping everything at 23 to go live and study yoga in India. This opened his eyes up to the fact that he was truly living his life the wrong way and showed him the power of strength, direction, discipline, focus and flow. This was just the first step in a very long awakening process. He ended up moving to Amsterdam and finding the love and life he always wanted, but it was a difficult task. Steps in the right direction aren’t always easy. It's all a matter of courage, perception, intention and finding your way.

Jason realized that life isn't necessarily a struggle, but it's more of a smooth ebb and flow. The struggles no longer seemed to be struggles but were more like markings on his path – clear signs of where he was headed and how he was growing. After this life became effortless, a joy, almost a game. From that moment on Jason has worked with other people, helping them see and follow the cues in their lives, and helping change their perception, embrace change and move away from unhealthy patterns. There is no one path, no one correct way to do things. We all find our own way and in doing that, create a life that is uniquely ours! These sessions are highly personalized, transformational sessions that require a commitment to change. You must be ready to work hard with humility and honesty and confront yourself and your life.

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