Get Your Head Out of Your Asana

By Jason Revere with Sandra Guy

After meditation, mindfulness, yoga, then what?
Are you truly ‘awake'?

Written as a funny yoga-based dialogue, Get Your Head Out of Your Asana follows the journey of a modern, Western man towards ‘waking up’. It picks up where most books leave off and asks you to stop making excuses for yourself and start living your authentic life.

Jason’s path to Enlightenment is applicable to anyone, yogi practitioner or not, who is ready to look at their sh*t, take control of their life, and take the next step towards Awakening.

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Jason Revere

Jason began practising yoga in the 1990's. He's lived in ashrams in India, studied intensively in California and set up his first You Can Yoga studio in Amsterdam in 2012. With his practical, down to earth approach, Jason has taught to thousands of students of all nationalities and all levels of experience. He leads regular yoga retreats in India and has spoken at events across Europe.