More about the 200 Hour Yoga Intensive

Some of you have raised a few questions about the 200 Hour Intensive so I wanted to make it a bit more clear. The idea is that it’s a personal venture into your own practice with the help and guidance of myself and the You Can Yoga team.

It is not designed as a Teacher Training Course because my idea is to make better and more developed yogis. Some people attend a Teacher Training course and don’t really make for good teachers anyways. They haven’t been practicing deeply for a long enough time for that to have an impact on their personal practice thus their teaching ability. Thats the difference here, you will learn more about what works best for you in all regards to your own yoga practice.

This course is going to be very personal as each month you will have a one on one meeting with me or a themed weekend with one of our teachers. The personal meetings can be used as a private yoga lesson or coaching session. They usually go hand in hand anyways. The group will also be small and intimate. As in our classes, you will get the attention you need and deserve on your yoga journey.

In the first meeting we will discuss your goals, motivation and expectations from the course. The dates for the weekend workshops are not set for the whole year as the group will grow organically.

The first themed weekend will be in the spring. All students taking part will be contacted one month in advance to ask what weekends they are available the following month. The weekend that we are all available will then be the chosen weekend to practice together. And from then we will plan the date for the following weekend workshop at the closing of the previous one.

You can join at any time because the themed weekends will be repeated annually and there is no real order in which you need to go deeply into each theme.

The price can be paid in full when you start or in monthly instalments over the course of the year. Karma yoga is also an option to take the course. If you aren’t familiar with karma yoga it is selfless service and a natural part of the yoga path if you live and practice yoga at an ashram. It’s giving back to the yoga community. So, you can volunteer your time at the studio in exchange for the course fee.

If you have any other questions or wish to make a consultation with me to discuss things further just let me know.

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