12 Days Meditation Challenge

12 Days Meditation Challenge

Meditation Amsterdam

12 Days of Loving Kindness Meditation Challenge

Join us for 12 consecutive days of loving-kindness, or metta, meditation. During this practice we will train our mind to create space for more joy, and less criticism, in our lives. Through the mental repetition of specific phrases, or mantras, we can cultivate compassion, gratitude, and acceptance of ourselves and others. With consistent practice we can establish new patterns in the mind that help us show up for life in a more loving and non judgmental way.

During this challenge we will meet every day on Zoom for a 30-minute guided meditation practice. Weekdays from 8:00-8:30 and weekends from 9:00-9:30. All sessions will be recorded so that you can practice later in the day if you’re not able to attend live.

This challenge is donation-based, and all proceeds will go to The Nature Conservancy. As an added bonus if you complete the entire challenge live with us you will earn a Free Class!

Erika Pilates

Erika Hoopes

Erika is a certified yoga, pilates and mindfulness teacher. She has been passionate about mind-body awareness practices ever since her first pilates class as a young teen. The combination of yoga, pilates and meditation has been healing and transformative physically, mentally, and emotionally for her. Inspired to share these benefits with others, she spent half a year in India and Southeast Asia to study and train in yoga and meditation and completed her comprehensive Pilates teacher training in California. “In my teaching, I aim to create a space where students can experience mindful movement and intentional stillness while cultivating awareness, strength, balance, curiosity, and appreciation. I hope students will leave class smiling, energized, and inspired by a deep connection to the body and soul.”

Roxana Vas

Roxana Vas

Roxana-Daniela Vas is a Yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Nidra and Meditation.
It is her aim to introduce and encourage students to the benefits of having a yoga and meditation practice. She has 15 years of experience in yoga and movement as well. From a very young age she took an active interest in movement which gradually lead her to discover yoga. She then began to study and practice in various traditions and lineages of yoga and meditation. They have enabled her to understand the essence of her mind and body connection and it is her practice now to share her experience with others.

November 14th to 25th

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