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Albert is a qualified massage therapist and kinesiologist who has been studying and working in Spain and Holland in a different range of orientations, from the most holistic to the therapeutic benefits of massage and therapy. Trained in Sweedish massage, Sports massage and Deep tissue. Reflexology, Energy balance, Reiki and Kinesiology. He benefits from modern and oriental knowledge both, and usually combines them to give a complete comprehensive experience.

He happily offers:

Classic or Swedish massage
This massage is commonly used to treat pain and to massage different layers of the muscle using long strokes with the purpose to bring the blood in the direction of the heart. It is the basis of sports massage. Good for pain, blood and lymph circulation, flexibility, detoxification of muscles and relaxation.

Sport massage
This massage is intended to heal the muscle fibers and tissues faster to give extra performance to people with a more active lifestyle. This massage can be very personalised depending on your specific needs related to your preferred sport or sports related injury or inflammation.

Deep Tissue massage
Working on a deep level of tissue, mainly muscular and fascial. This massage is intended to free the body of discomfort. Higher level of order and integration with your surrounding. It releases chronic muscle tension and it has a calming effect, making it a good choice for chronic stress and postural imbalances. It also improves mobility and functionality.

The effects and benefits of reflexology are commonly known from a holistic point of view, it helps the whole body, mainly the organs. The oriental view of the different elements related to different kinds of energy are also comparable to the different organs and meridians that make the body work.

The discipline of Kinesiology uses qualitative muscle tests to assess the effects of stress on the person and to update physical adaptation mechanisms. Kinesiology combines the Structure, Physiology, Nutrition, Cognitive, Affective and Social aspects of a person in an integrative way, as well as the over all vital energy. Very often the subconscious memory of different stress and survival factors limits or stops the regeneration of our natural capabilities. With the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Kinesiology techniques we can balance the energy of the muscles and, therefore, the entire body as a whole.

R.E.S.E.T. Temporomandibular Joint
The TMJ is a very important joint in the jaw connected to the whole body through the muscle chains and where a gentle correction can be very helpful. Mostly for people who have jaw problems, pain, headaches, problems sleeping, over chewing at night, shoulder tension, etc.

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45 min. = € 45
60 min. = € 60
90 min. = € 80

70 min. = € 60

R.E.S.E.T. TMJ = € 40

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