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Karma Yoga Program

Karma yoga is the act of selfless service and it's important in the yoga community for many reasons. The first and foremost, as in all things yoga, to subdue the mind. The ego is the false sense of self and in yoga we are trying to separate from the ego and connect to our true…
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Same story, different angle

My previous entry was about letting go of the asana in hopes of letting go of a piece of the ego at the same time. This is going to be a recurring theme because I truly feel the goal, the true purpose, of practicing yoga is lost in the western world. "Be the change you…
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Take your head out of your asana!

Yoga as we have come to know it in the western world has been shaped into an exercise for good health and well being. There is nothing wrong with that as it has had such a positive impact on the lives of many and has opened the door to bigger and better things in peoples…
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The bastardisation of yoga

First let's start with the definition of the word bastard. It should be clear that I'm being proper in my usage of words and not writing this from an emotional place of anger or discontent with the yoga world. Even if that were also to be true. More on that later though. A bastard is…
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